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  • About This Genealogy Site...

    • There are many different KIM's ancestral families in KOREA. The YEONGYANG-KIM's family is one of more than 200 KIM-families. Our family is a minor group of them. But,

    • This homepage shows genealogy of whole YEONGYANG-KIM's family from original grandfather to the recent generation through more than 1200 years. It's been first internet genealogy in the whole world since Jan 1997.

    • This homepage is provided in Korean and Chinese letters, so you may not see the some contents with junkline. I'm sorry about that. If you want to see the genealogy contents exactly, you have to install MS WINDOWS or MAC O/S supporting Korean language in your computer first.

    How Did The YEONGYANG-KIM's Family Come To KOREA?

    • The original grandfather of whole YeongYang-KIM's family, KIM-CHOONG, was a higher echelons of Henan Province, CHINA. He got to came to KOREA in A.D.755.

    • The coming story is like this, On his way back to home, after official visiting Japan. His ship was wrecked because of the strong winds and heavy seas. Fortunately he could land at shore of JUKDO in CHUKSAN, east coast of KOREA, and so he escaped from death.

    • Thereafter, the YEONGYANG-KIM's family began to live in Korea, striking their roots deeply. This site show you all of these history.

    If You Have Any Opinion...
    • Here are GUEST BOOK and BULLETIN BOARDof the YEONGYANG-KIM's family or EMAIL. I hope you to give me some worthy opinion about our YeongYang-KIM's family and me.

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    ų(Sinyung main Coterie)
    ---Generation-->   21---22---23---24---25---26---27---
    ---First Name-->  *-----*------------ܹ (ElderBrother)
                                                                 ܹ (YoungerBrother)

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  • Here Detail INDIVIDUAL INFORMATION structure(of fammilly tree above)

    Self Info
    Generation & Coterie26th,[Sinyung Cot.]
    Personal NameDaeShik Kim
    Minor NameYeosan
    Birth Date 1950.1.11
    Death Date
    Official lank & Etc. Publisher of this homepage.
    (Welcome voice)
    Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathGraveFather
    Kim (Kimhae) TaeSoon 1958.8.27 Dal-gon kim
    First NameBirthHusband
    Kyunghee 1980.2.25 dong-uk choi
    Hyunjung 1981.4.26 Jinho lee

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